I've got this little fashion and lifestyle blog called Doodles and Dresses, an intersection of storytelling and fashion.  If you'd like to learn more about me and sample my creative writing along with some snazzy fashion photography, follow the link down the rabbit hole.

Want to get a daily dose of yours truly on Instagram? You can find me there posting daily with my fashion and lifestyle updates and brand collaborations all paired with clever and quirky captions.

Are you a fellow dog lover or dog parent?  Meet my pup Mississippi Olive Asaturyan and check out her adorable, smirky face on Instagram.

So I wrote a cheeky little coffee table book called Doodles & Love, chalk full of anecdotal short stories and, well my doodles of course.  You can view a short film about it here.  You can even read the whole book if you just pause on each page of the video, which evidently some people have told me they've actually done!

Wanna get serious?  If you want to take a gander at my career path, contacts and endorsements, hop over to my LinkedIn page to catch some of my accolades, affiliations and connections.  It's a small world.

With Love,