Want to get a daily dose of yours truly on TikTok? This is where I talk about things I'm passionate about, and create all thoughts with love.

I wrote a cheeky, little coffee table book called Doodles & Love, a collection of anecdotal, relationship short stories and hand illustrated doodles.  You can view a short film about it here.

Getting married? As an ordained minister, I help couples write vows and/or lovingly officiate their weddings. LGBTQ++ absolutely welcome.

Need a document notarized? As a licensed, California Notary Public, yours truly is at your service.

'Amy's Academy' (lovingly dubbed by its members) was accidentally launched in 2021 (but it has unofficially existed for many years). Although led by me, Academy belongs to everyone and is a space where we pass no judgment and come together to discuss life and solve our inner universe's problems one casual meeting at a time. We always aim to leave a person, place and feeling better than we found it. *By invitation only. 

With Love,