Hello and thank you for being here. I'm Amy and I solve word problems.

I'm a word charmer and storyteller.  A born a writer, not in the self-indulgent, 'destined' sense, but more to the tune of an undeniable, almost neurotic desire to write.  My first language was Russian, and I remember learning how to read and write and falling madly in love with words, all of them in fact.  As my young mind absorbed new words, I couldn't help but compose poetry and create fanciful narratives as a six year old, and that desire has been with me ever since, getting stronger with each passing day.

At about the age of seven, I learned Armenian, and my world of words expanded exponentially, with fascinating new letters, sounds and new ways to express myself, I was of course, completely mesmerized and enamored.  Just two years later my family immigrated to the states and yet again, a new language made its debut into my life.

I fell in love with English the way a mother falls in love with a child.  With all of its mysteries, confusing conundrums, idiosyncrasies and informalities, I relished the idea of creating sentences with this newfound lexicon.  

At around thirteen I began to study French, and even though to me, it will always be a language of beauty and romance, English still remains my favorite.  Perhaps because it is one that I know so well that it is a part of my skin, a part of my DNA and I love it unconditionally.

After exploring these few different languages, I've realized just how very restricted we are, and how for some things, or perhaps even, many things, words have not yet been invented to enable us to truly express ourselves.  As a result, I am on a constant, never ending, all consuming quest to find just the right words when occasion calls for them.

So who is Amy?  Woman, author, professional, and eternal student and teacher of life.  A Jack (or rather Jill) of all trades but master of none.  Above all else, I am a writer, but my friends call me a wordsmith.

Throughout my career I've written countless articles, more training manuals and documents than I can count, and really all kinds of things in all kinds of voices for all kinds of audiences.  From children's rhyme books, speeches and songs, to heartfelt short stories, biographies, novels and everything in between, I've pretty much done it all over a span of several decades as a writer. 

With Love,

P.S.  For the purposes of SEO, Amy Asaturyan is a Los Angeles based writer and consultant.

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